Thursday, November 5, 2009

Urgent Request! Will You Support Women in Need?

logo maker logo creatorGreetings Friends,

Did you know that there are women here in Georgia who are facing dire situations and don't know where to turn? In fact, there are people all over the nation who are in unfamiliar territory and don't know what to do or where to go.

I am writing today because God has put a very strong desire in my heart to reach out to you on behalf of hurting women. In fact, I woke up a few days ago in the early morning wondering what I could do to help women, not next year or in the next few years, but right now.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and there are many whose basic needs are going unmet. I can't get this out of my head. Some are facing eviction, others cannot pay their utility bills, while others are struggling to take care of their children and pay their rent.

I spoke with a young lady a few weeks ago who told me she had no money to buy her baby diapers and wipes. Although she has been searching for work and receiving assistance, the assistance is not enough and it's very difficult to search for work without transportation or bus fare.

She told me she felt like s---.

Another young lady that I met is in an abusive relationship. She wants to leave, but has nowhere to go. She has a home, but her "partner" waits for her to come home from work and doesn't allow her to go anywhere by herself. Even if she wanted to leave, it takes some money to start over.

I can't be silent when there are single mothers who desire to support their families, but find it difficult to find work. Some states, like here in Georgia, make it difficult for those with true needs to qualify for assistance, and among those who do, the programs are so harsh that once you make a few hundred dollars, the assistance is stopped.

The point is, there are hurting women out here that need help NOW!

Some are one step from homelessness, others are being turned away from receiving the little assistance the state offers, others have lost their jobs and many of these women don't have money saved or have spent the last of their savings. It is a blessing to have supportive family members who will help in a time of need, but many women that I am meeting don't have a support system and feel their only alternative is to degrade themselves to make a few dollars.

It is not that they would rather receive government assistance or do things to lower their self-worth rather than work, they are just facing seemingly hopeless situations and don't know where to turn.

God put it on my heart to start Inspire To Dream, a personal-empowerment ministry that motivates, inspires, empowers and supports women to live life more purposefully. And now I am charged to be a distribution center to help hurting women and women in need. Our goal is to provide life coaching, inspiration, support, mentors, education, training and resources to help women become self-sufficient.

I am asking everyone that I know to donate $5 or more to help hurting women in need. And, if you are reading this, please spread the word and ask your contacts to help.

One person, ministry, or business cannot eradicate poverty, lack and abuse, but together we can touch women's lives in needs, not 2-3 months from now, not when everything is perfect in our own lives, but NOW!!!

Through prayer, education, resources and teaching women how to renew their mindset we can partner together to do our part to overcome these issues and help women get on the pathway to self-sufficiency.

Let's lend a helping hand to help women who desire to come up to another level, and let's do it today.

Please use this link to donate:

Order my book, Platinum Dreams for $10 and $5 of the proceeds will be distributed through Inspire To Dream to help women in need.

Thank you for your help and I pray that your donation will be returned to you in abundance!

Jacki Kash
Founder, Inspire To Dream