Monday, December 14, 2009

How to Recognize Manipulative Behavior

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by Jacki Kash

Have any of you dealt with the effects of a manipulative relationship?

Sometimes being a nice person, trying to do the right thing, and not wanting to burn bridges, among other things, keeps people in bondage to unhealthy and toxic relationships. The effects of being involved in relationships with people who use, abuse and manipulate can cause feelings of stress, guilt, depression and physical and mental fatigue. In addition to these symptoms, the victim of manipulation may experience anxiety and a diminished sense of self-worth when contact is made with the manipulator.

While the Bible tells us to "pray for them who despitefully use you" in Luke 6:28, I would like to know how my readers have handled manipulative relationships. What did you do to end the manipulation or relationship? How did the other person respond? How did this make you feel? (Did it cause you to put up with the relationship a little longer?)

I read an interesting article on this subject, which should also help readers to identify the signs of a manipulation. Let me know what you think!

Life on purpose,
Jacki Kash


  1. Hi Jacki! I try to ignore the bad behavior, but it's not easy because I start misbehaving myself with angry and indignation when someone tries to manipulate or mistreats me. Interesting, I was just thinking about the things that bother me most so as to update my blog profile. When people are fake that bothers me, when people mistreat each other really erks me and when black folks mistreat black folks because they're black folks boils my blood!!! please visit my blogs! Thanks!

  2. What an awesome post! I believe it's very important that we educate one another on this subject matter. Many may be surprised that they have been a victim of manipulation. Thanks for doing your part to create awareness!

  3. Interesting topic. I personally have witnessed things about myself which leads me to believe that I have a God gifted built-in defense mechanism within my spirit. Cause every time I find myself into contact with a manipulator or a person who allows another to obviously manipulate their subconscious being, I unconsciously shut every mental entrance known to myself.

  4. There are two kinds of people in the world. The helpers and those that need help. When you need help ask for it as that is the only way helpers know when to help. Helpers are the ones that try not to ask for help. But if it wasn't for those that need help there would only be one type of person. God bless your new year.

  5. It can be very upsetting knowing someone is trying to use or manipulate you. It is easy to respond by getting angry, but still this gives our enemy control over us. Yes, we should be angry with the enemy and recognize it is the enemy, so we can pray for the person.

    It does take practice, but forgiving the person and praying for them really does help to free us. It frees us to think about positive things, it releases God's hand to deal with the person and the spirit behind their behavior, it gives us the opportunity to sleep well at night instead of meditating on the negativity from the situation.

    It does take making a conscious decision every time though, even though someone is coming against us, we cannot give place to the devil.